Mill Architects has a particular interest in rural development and the practice has a long track record, working in countryside locations, on a variety of project types.

Our expertise in building conservation and sustainable building methods makes us the ideal source of expert advice in an often complex area.

We can guide you through planning issues and provide solutions to the challenges, which are often encountered in remote locations:

  • Planning restrictions
  • Lack of mains utilities
  • Need for renewable fuel sources
  • Absence of drainage infrastructure
  • On-site power generation
  • Sourcing and utilising local materials

Experience and Knowledge

Designing buildings within sensitive locations requires a level of skill, which comes from experience across multiple sectors. Mill Architects has developed a way of working, which has proved to be acceptable to local authorities; ensuring projects are given the best chance of success through the application process.

Our deep knowledge of natural and traditional building materials can help overcome supply issues in remote locations. These can be used to create infinite designs from the truthfully traditional to cutting edge modernity.

Protecting the Natural Environment sits high on our agenda and nowhere is this more important than in the countryside. With an increasing awareness of our obligations towards preserving habitat, our approach to building in rural locations ensures that alien materials and harmful substances are absent from our projects.

The global pandemic, caused by the COVID-19 virus, has seen a surge of interest in re-locating from urban centres. The health benefits from being in the countryside are well documented.
We believe everyone should be able to choose where they live and work, so at Mill we provide the support you need to make decisions and fulfil your ambitions.

Get advice about your project

In our experience at this stage you will be looking for further information before making a decision to go ahead with your project and who you’ll hire. You can book a 15-minute call online with me and we can have a chat about your project.

We can provide guidance on:

  • A suitable budget for your project
  • Timescales
  • Local authority applications your project will requires