Our homes, in the many shapes and forms that they take, are our sanctuaries and the places where we return to for relaxation, security and those all-important family celebrations. Mill Architects’ foundations are rooted in the design and delivery of domestic projects, across a broad range of scales, styles and budgets; each one crafted to suit the individual taste and style of our clients.

Your home is likely to be the single biggest investment that you will ever make. At Mill, we understand how precious this is and take time to get to know you and your home, so that we can develop a bespoke design that is as individual as you are. Whether you are looking to build a new house or make changes to your existing dwelling, we can help you achieve the home of your dreams

Experience and Knowledge

Our extensive experience, over many years in this field, ensures that we will create a design for you that will exceed your expectations. With our creative approach and thorough knowledge of all current Planning and Building Regulations, we will work with you to achieve the home that you are looking for.

We have a deep understanding of how buildings are built and serviced and as a practice we believe in getting our hands dirty. Several of us have taken on projects with our own homes, so we know what it feels like to be in your shoes.

Protecting our natural world is of the utmost importance to the Practice. Our designs focus on a thermally efficient, external envelope to ensure that your building responds, respects and reduces environmental impact. The extensive use of locally-sourced, natural building materials wherever possible and intelligent building technologies ensures your build will be highly efficient in its carbon footprint during construction and in use.

Building can be complicated and stressful if not managed correctly but we can help you navigate the potential pitfalls along the way. We can also advise you on likely budgets for your project, assist with the selection of a suitable contractor and then supervise the work while it is on site. This will ensure that design that you have set your heart on is the building that you get and that you achieve full sign off by the relevant authorities once the building work is complete.


“The team at Mill Architects have been a pleasure to work with, guiding us all the way through the process of renovating a listed building from the initial planning stages to supervising the construction phase. Their professional, personable approach and experience alongside their local knowledge and contacts made this process as smooth as possible. Thank you!”

Listed building renovation in Edinburgh

Get advice about your project

In our experience at this stage you will be looking for further information before making a decision to go ahead with your project and who you’ll hire. You can book a 15-minute call online with me and we can have a chat about your project.

We can provide guidance on:

  • A suitable budget for your project
  • Timescales
  • Local authority applications your project will requires