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    Why choose Mill

    Breathe new life into your home

    By renovating and restoring your home, you breathe new life in to it. At Mill Architects we respect and appreciate all that is good about the existing building and work to bring a unique design style and approach to your renovation. We can transform even the most basic of spaces.

    We focus on maximising the space and natural light. We take into consideration your lifestyle and how you live in your home, to transform your needs and vision into an architectural expression.

    We take care of submitting your application for planning permission and your building warrant. We optimise your chances of you being awarded permission. We can also manage your construction process, assist with any tough negotiations with your builder, thereby saving you time, money and stress.

    Inspired by the old, we can create a vision of the new.

    Like a conductor we will co-ordinate all aspects of your project.

    Your project brought to life with the added value of our experience.

    An architect is an investment. An investment in your home. We add value to your project taking your vision to another level.

    Our passion is creating beautiful, outstanding, modern homes for our clients. Whether its an extension, renovation or new home we design and build your vision while adding the benefit of years of architectural experience.

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    Frequently asked questions

    The extent of statutory consents that will be required for your project will vary depending on the scope and scale of the project, however in most circumstances you will be required as a minimum to consult with the local Planning Authority and Building Control department.

    We will be able to assist and advice you on the statutory applications that are likely to be required following an assessment of the potential scale and scope of the proposals being considered.

    The true test of cost for a project is by either competitively tendering the work or negotiating the contract with a preferred builder. We work regularly with a range of Contractors and Quantity Surveyors who can assist in providing realistic budget costs at an early stage in the project.

    While we are not cost consultants we have a wealth of experience in the residential sector and will be able to advise on whether the budget that you
    have in mind for the works is realistic.

    Undertaking a building project is not only a financial investment but also an investment of your time. The length of time to undertake a building
    project is often underestimated and varies greatly depending on the scale and scope of the project.

    Appointing an Architect to assist you with your building project will help to speed up the process. We have a direct knowledge on how to navigate the appropriate statutory applications and consents required as efficiently as possible. With the provision of a site service we can assist the Contractor in developing an efficient and realistic programme for the build.

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