Tenement attic conversion, Plewlands, Edinburgh

Our client owned the upper floor flat of the tenement, along with the roof-space above.  This space was extensive and had potential for dramatic views out to Craiglockhart Hill and the city of Edinburgh to the east.  Whilst in a conservation area, a persuasive argument was put to the planning authority and approval was granted to open up the west-facing slope of the roof to form an extensive rooflight.  The natural brick and stone walling of the tenement were retained as the internal finish, giving an industrial “loft-style” character to the room.

The design approach was to create flexible accommodation which could function as a bedroom or additional living space.  A stylish bathroom was incorporated into the scheme.

The project was as much an exercise in making the stair access as compact as possible to minimise disruption to the lower level accommodation.

A sprinkler system was incorporated due to the height of the new accommodation above ground level.

Client: Private Client
Status: Completed