Conversion and Extension

Path of Condie, Perthshire.

The purpose of this project was to convert and extend Mr and Mrs Oxley’s traditional farm cottage. There were a number of stone outbuildings near that cottage that were unused. Our challenge was to find a way to link the buildings together to expand their living space.

We created a hallway between the existing farm cottage and the adjacent buildings. We incorporated large, south-facing windows to bring the warmth and light of the sunshine as well as show the spectacular views. The result is a gorgeous, light, bright and welcoming entrance hall for visitors and family returning home.

It was important to make sure the new section of the building blended with the cottage and outbuildings. To achieve this we designed the shape of the roof and the size of the windows to complement the features of the cottage. We used natural timber cladding to add variety and warmth to the visual aspect of the building, while retaining its rustic, traditional feel.

We also used a special form of sustainable “breathing” construction throughout the building to ensure that the newly created spaces provided a highly insulated and healthy environment to live in. One of the other benefits of this type of construction is that it retains the heat in the home thereby, reducing the energy bills.

The once-unused outbuildings were converted into spacious and comfortable living areas with some lovely architectural features. Joined together through the new main hallway, they connected to the farm cottage which became the main family room, giving everyone plenty of space to relax and unwind. The new public and private spaces completely transformed the once-small home.

At the end of the project we had converted a traditional cottage and outbuildings into a light, spacious, modern 21st century rural home the whole family could enjoy.

Client: Easter Bankhead