Dobbies Garden World, Liverpool

The site for the new Dobbies in Liverpool meant we really had to pull out all the stops and create something special. The store is located at the key junction acts as a gateway to Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport. It’s one of the first structures the visitors see on arrival in the city, so we made sure it creates a fabulous first impression.

The first thing you’ll notice from a distance is the bold, winged roof shape that opens to the corner of the site. It’s built on a timber glulam structure, which has all the beauty of solid timber, but allows for more creative and expansive designs. The architectural drama is heightened with the exposed beams visible from inside and out, through extensive glazing in the upper section.

We used the Dobbies signature combination of exteriors including timber and dry-stone cladding. These natural materials help the building to respond to its environment. The whole development was designed and built in an environmentally responsible manner.

The building was awarded the Liverpool Civic Society “Building of the Year Award 2011”. This was a great honour, and a mark of the resounding success of the project for the business and for the Liverpool itself.

Client: Dobbies Garden Centres Plc
Status: Completed August 2011