Project Description

Craigie’s Farm is a thriving “pick your own” fruit farm, with a farm shop, deli and small, children’s outdoor play park. Established in the west of Edinburgh nearly 10 years ago, it is a fantastic family farm and business. We were appointed to undertake a programme of sketch design and feasibility options for the development of a “farm park” facility on the site. Craigie’s goal was to develop and diversify their business by providing dedicated internal and external play facilities for children of all ages. In addition, they plan to create an improved animal viewing facility and family restaurant.  

Using existing farm shed buildings to accommodate the play barn proved to be a cost effective and imaginative re-use of the existing buildings, including a brilliant indoor play barn and outdoor play park using natural wood

While the development is still in progress we have been hired to provide our full service from design to completion.

The result of this business diversification is that it will allow Craigie’s farm to continue to thrive as a business and make it an enhanced destination for visitors.

Client: Play Barn Development