Meet Mill Architects

Our ethos is to create a modern style of architecture, which sits comfortably in its context, Urban or Rural. The word we use most often is ‘appropriate’. It covers a lot of bases but for us it means:

  • Beautiful
  • In-keeping with the surroundings
  • Sympathetic
  • Meeting your brief
  • The right budget
  • The right methods of construction
  • The most suitable materials for appearance, durability and least damaging to our environment
  • Compatibility with other buildings and uses on site
  • Historically accurate

Mill Architects will always aim to exceed your expectations.
We believe the design process is collaborative, not prescriptive. It starts with you, the client and your aspirations and goals. We take these and apply our diverse range of expertise to make initial proposals. Responding to the site conditions, your building will be unique to you and its setting – there is no precedent.

The practice cares deeply for the environment and our built heritage. Much of our work involves altering or preserving older buildings, ensuring their lives are extended for as long a time as possible, reducing the burden on material consumption. New buildings use locally-sourced, sustainable materials where practical, built in a way which minimises energy usage.

Architects not only design new buildings and alterations to existing buildings but carry out a wide range of other duties to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.