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Architectural Conservation Services

Conservation Restoration:

We are RIAS Conservation Accredited and offer a diverse range of services; Conditional Reports and inspections, maintenance of Estate Properties, minor fabric repairs, large scale restoration projects and much more.


The maintenance involved when Owning an Estate incorporating multiple buildings, outbuildings and associated items such as garden walls can seem like an overwhelming task. We are able to carry out an overhaul Estate Inspection of your properties and land. Splitting these items into areas of required repair and ongoing maintenance. Any additional ideas you may have regarding alterations/extensions can be taken on board and a Plan put in place to implement these works in a phased process if required. We can offer assistance with the Fabric repair of your buildings, internal upgrade/alterations, extensions or new build elements. We have a wealth of experience dealing with Listed Buildings and the associated Statutory Approvals required.

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Building Condition Reports & Quinquennial inspections

It can be difficult to understand and determine the condition of your property, we can prepare a Conditional Report which highlights the current condition and any defects noted to the fabric of your building. We lay these reports out in a ‘traffic light’ system to prioritise the works and enable them to be phased if required. Our reports can help you decide if you should buy a traditional property by looking at its condition/fabric, realistic costs for repair and maintenance.

The law may soon be changing as there is currently an action through Parliament to make Sinking Funds (a pension pot for the building), formation of Owners associations and Quinquennial inspections (5 yearly conditional reports) Statutory. It is therefore vital that if you are part of a tenement block that you start to look at your property as a whole, find out its condition and talk to your neighbours with a view to creating a community within your block that will ease the repair and report writing process.

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Grant Funded Projects

We are RIAS Advanced Conservation Accredited which enables our Clients to achieve Grant Funding. We currently have projects on site which are receiving Heritage Lottery Funding, Edinburgh World Heritage Grants and local THi/CARS funding. We can help our Clients to apply for grants and can assist with the process, whilst preparing tender packages required and overseeing the works on site.

Our Clients form part of community groups, charities and social clubs all with a view to enhancing or repairing their existing facilities or helping create new ones.

Individual Property Surveying

We can provide an independent overall Conditional Survey of your property, and list your recommended repairs in order of urgency and phasing to make the process more affordable.

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Multiple Ownership Property Repairs

We can assist you starting the process of repairing/maintaining your tenement block, and help arrange the repairs. Multiple ownership can be a difficult and challenging task to your block, we have years of experience making this easier for you. We can assist with forming Stair Group associations, starting up sinking funds and preparing a Quinqennial inspections that may soon be a Statutory Requirement.

Interior refurbishment & alteration/extension

Whether you own a residential or commercial property we work on existing buildings and know how to adapt them to suit your current requirements. This may be a small flat involving internal alterations or a hotel overhaul, we can create bespoke designs that work within your existing shell and expand out of it as required. All designs and interventions are focused on what is appropriate to the building; its social, historical and aesthetic significance is investigated and appropriate solutions created to suit its current use desires of the Client.

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